17. Mai 2006

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Alpenraumprojekt "RegioMarket"


"Kickoff InterReg III B-Alpenraumprojekt >RegioMarket<"

Dear Mrs. President Barth,
Dear Dr. Rohlf,

Dear representatives of the 16 project partnerships from all countries of the alpine region and the German National contact points for the alpine region.

I cordially welcome you to the most beautiful and most interesting county in and out of Baden-Württemberg. Well, I must admit: Every single one of my colleagues would say the same for the district he represents, but: for the  county of Reutlingen it’s simply  true.

Seriously spoken, I ‘m very happy, to be able to welcome you all here in our best Suite of the county of Reutlingen, here in the large assembly hall of the county administration office. I am very grateful to you, Mrs. President Barth, that you do us the compliment of being the host of the kick-off meeting of the project “Regiomarket.”
We appreciate this very much.

The county of Reutlingen with 282 000 (two hundred and eighty-two thousand) inhabitants is situated directly next to the provincial capital of Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart and is a partner in the European Metropolitan Region. The important economic area in front of the striking, clearly visible panorama of the Swabian Mountains is innovative.
Traditionally and efficiently working firms in trade, medium-sized companies, that operate on an international level and  big enterprises know world-wide guarantee a secure future as well as newly founded companies for  medical – and biotechnology in our technology park, that we have originated in co-operation with the county of Tübingen. The orientation towards the future is proved by our well-known educational institutions as for example the “Hochschule” (or academy) Reutlingen, that is top of many European rankings, the “European School of Business” as well as our vocational schools, that guarantee the success of our dual system of education. 

The county of Reutlingen is also well-known for its touristic high-lights. By trail, by bike or by the Swabian Mountains-Railroad you are able to get to know intensely the castle of Lichtenstein as well as our castles in the valley of the Lauter, the waterfalls of Bad Urach, the caves of the “Sonnenalb”, the main stud farm of Marbach and -soon to come- the 460th biospherical region world-wide but for the first time in Baden-Württemberg.
This is the end of our promotion tour (alternativ  “End of advertisment”).

Ladies and gentlemen,

for the last 5 years the county of Reutlingen has intensely used the chances of the support programs “PLENUM” and “REGIONEN AKTIV” in order of an new conception of the nature conservancy: An integrated approach, nature conservancy not longer as the policy of an admonishingly risen index but rather as the policy of reaching out a hand to help realising sustainable projects. The regional development in the county of Reutlingen, consequently expedited for the last five years, shows clearly that the a co-operation between nature conservancy and commerce can be done successfully as well as for the economy as for the ecology and can therefore create a “win-win-situation.

- An increasing awareness of the consumer regarding local and regional products and services leads to an amelioration in the situation of demand.

-The development led to innovations of products in trade and in services while using especially the historic and cultural potential and the natural resources of the county.

- A remarkably ameliorated quality of regional products and services (could be achieved).  As a result of the co-operation in marketing quality standards had to be agreed upon, this led to more and more certifications and signets of quality.

- A new kind of co-operation as a sort of  “Public-private-partnerships”  came into being as for example at the “IG Rotkern Neckar-Alb” or within the network “Reiseziel Natur”. Conflicts could be reduced on a private scale, as the participants, who once were opponents, had to conduct conversations, therefore the economic forces were pooled by dialogues

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